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Track of the Day: Shivum Sharma – All These Years

One could trace it to almost a precisely a year ago when Shivum Sharma crept out of the periphery of the burgeoning South London scene and demanded full attention with his debut single, ‘Flicker’Even then, there was just something about the sultry and ardent tune from this unknown London crooner that made him stick in one’s mind. Now he’s back with the equally stirring single, ‘All These Years’, and one can expect an EP of the same name from the soulful Sharma to be available before the end of the year.

‘All These Years’ is all understated, brooding synths that are airy enough to allow Sharma’s voice to fill all the spaces in between like an‘80’s power ballad. The agitated beat is juxtaposed with the Sharma’s effortless, languid vocals that drift in and out of the very peak of his high register. At times, the track is simply a series of inhales and exhales; sounding both familiar and unsettling. Gradually though, Sharma grows more harried and he jumps into the melody a split second before one expects it. So earnest and pressing is his voicethat it produces an imperceptible tension that cords itself around theoblivious listener that is haplessly driven to return to this track again and again.

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