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Track of the Day: Sky Ferreira – You’re Not The One

There has always been a steady group of scorned indie-pop songstresses even before the day Robyn pledged to dance alone. Since then, there has been an impressive revival of dynamic and cross-genre indie-pop starlets from Lykke Li, a reinvented Solange and even Lana Del Rey – a circa ‘Video Games’ Lana, at least.

Throw into that mix Sky Ferreira. On last year’s track ‘Everything is Embarrassing’, Ferreira’s slithery restrained coo made the song one of the catchiest standouts of 2012. Now on the lead single off her debut album Night Time, My Time Ferreira sounds a lot older than her 21 years would suggest. Gone are the cautious pondering murmurs replaced with a belting, yearning and full-blooded vocal from Ferreira. Here she laments an ex-lover for leaving her with the realization hurled through the words, ‘You’re not the one!’.

Ferreira describes this as a deliberate attempt at writing something ‘super-poppy’ and what makes it interesting is the force of her voice, lifted by mashed guitars and a bass-line that trickles ever higher just as she lifts and takes off. It’s exactly what pop should be: optimistic, accessible and universal music delivered with soothing clarity. Fleeting rushes of blood to the head. Ferreira understands this, and she realizes that she doesn’t need to be gimmicky or overtly trendy to do this. She knows she must be earnest, and that’s what makes her talent so different and so promising.

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