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Track of the Day: Swearin’ – Watered Down

‘Watered Down’ bears all the hallmarks of 90s alt-rock, with lyrics about getting stoned, a bass line that runs throughout and carries the song during the downbeat moments of its Pixies-esque loud-soft binary, and an anguished vocal cut from Kyle Gilbride. Swearin’ started turning heads in 2012 with their eponymous debut album that spoke more of raw potential than fully-fledged artistry. 

Channeling mid-90s sounds doesn’t necessarily mark a new direction for the group, but ‘Watered Down’ sees them at their tightest, as they chronicle the break-down of a doomed relationship with a steady mix of explosiveness and poise. Their sophomore effort, Surfing Strange, is due out in November and, while crafting catchy singles has never been a problem for them, ‘Watered Down’ still promises much.

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