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Track of the Day: TÂCHES & Sonder – Noir

‘Noir’ is something like the sound coming from the basement; heard pulsating through a locked…

‘Noir’ is something like the sound coming from the basement, heard pulsating through a locked door. UK-based producer, TÂCHES, has teamed up with Sonder (relocated South African, Ashton Fox) to add to the thundering conversation that UK Garage has been reviving. After the massive commercial success of the likes of Disclosure and AlunaGeorge in last year alone, no one can deny the addicting nature of the inherent rolling bass and tenacious sample layering. 

‘Noir’ begins just like nighttime, pulsing with the unknown before mounting in intensity to settle into a comfortable, danceable swagger. Occasionally, pitch-shifted Aguilera vocals bubble up from the depths of the multilayered phrasings and beats. The collaboration of the two talents feels to be a natural melding, and we’re heedlessly hooked into the wicked groove of it all. Whatever TÂCHES and Sonder are having, we want some of it. Hell, we want all of it.

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