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Track of the Day: The Field – Cupid’s Head

As the pioneer of a genre that blurred the lines between minimal techno and ambient music, The Field on his three previous albums created an indelible style that pieced together various minute samples and tweaks from pop music on a palette of stretched techno beats, to create moving and serene musical statements.

On his new song ‘Cupids Head’ the titular track of his new album, it’s clear that Axel Willner is still working with similar tools. Many of The Field’s trademarks are still here –  a looped vocal chant, a pounding drum beat and a distinctly hazy atmosphere – but it is clear that he’s out to push his music here, toward a hazier, darker territory. The vocal sample, which is looped repeatedly throughout, is submerged under a pummelling rhythm section that drills the sound deep into the psyche. This is The Field at his danciest, and is as close as he has come to the club setting, though he still stops short of stepping through the door. What this track says more than anything is that the most incremental changes are often the most profound, and as always with The Field it is a heady, immersive and ultimately profound journey.

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