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Track of the Day: The Horrors – So Now You Know

The Horrors broke out in 2008 with their second album, Primary Colours. The album made…

The Horrors broke out in 2008 with their second album, Primary Colours. The album made them standout of the plethora of dream-pop bands with its ghostly incantations of shoegaze fuzz and swarming sonics. They stepped out from behind the shadows with their 2011 follow-up Skying, which saw them break loose of the anonymity that shoegaze provided by allowing them to be more direct and melodic. 

Their new album, Luminous, finds them doing exactly that – ditching the monochrome palette for a more textured and brighter sound. The band now more assured and confident, have started from where 2011 epic, ‘Still Life’ left off. Their new single ‘So Now You Know’ is a slow building affair with throbbing bass and a sweeping awe-inspiring chorus. Lead singer, Faris Badwan’s haunting vocals have moved more centrally within the track as he leads us through the sumptuous astral heights the songs climbs. With nods to the early 90s Madchester scene and the excess of Britpop, this is the sound of a band growing up and taking flight.


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