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Track of the Day: The Oxygen Thieves – Celesta

Yesterday naasMUSIC-affiliated fresh-faces, The Oxygen Thieves, offered the aptly named ‘Celesta’ to the internet community. The seeming interconnectedness of Cape Town’s music scene notwithstanding, the four-piece are steadily sparking interest and mustering support from local movers and shakers. The palpable sense of celestial freedom expressed aurally on this track is perhaps contextualised by the fact that the band members have just finished exams.

Much of the adolescent quartet’s charm to date has been borne of their youthful vibrancy accompanied by their ability to write pleasant, well-constructed songs. Indeed, the same qualities reside in ‘Celesta’, but the overarching feel here – in respect of their work to date – is one of a talented band ostensibly maturing, experimenting and searching for their musical fit.

You can listen to and download it here:

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