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Track of the Day: Twin Shadow – Old Love/New Love

On last year’s excellent Twin Shadow LP, Confess, George Lewis Jr threatened to take listeners from the disco-lit stage to a dancefloor after-party on several occasions during the album’s 43 minutes. This was perhaps most poignant on the side A-side B transition from ‘The One’ to ‘Beg for the Night’. There were, however, no fully-fledged dance songs on the record.

Written for the Grand Theft Auto V in-game radio, ‘Old Love/New Love’ sees Lewis Jr commence in much the same manner but wholeheartedly follow through on his threat. After a minute or so, the song crosses the Rubicon and borrows a transition and backing vocals straight out of a Ministry of Sound catalogue. Paired with his 80s Rock and R&B sensibilities, Lewis Jr has constructed an unorthodox dance single that is as suited for getting people off their seats as it will be for reminding gamers of their neglected social lives.

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