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Track of the Day: Viet Cong – Continental Shelf

Viet Cong are a post-punk unit comprised of the vocalist/bassist and drummer from now-disbanded indie-rock troupe, Women, and two ad-hoc guitarists that find a permanent home in this exciting project: one from a previous Black Sabbath cover band (of which the above two were members) and the former live guitarist for Chad VanGaalen. With just an obscure EP, Cassette, under their belt from 2013, the Canadians have leapt out of the shadows a fully-formed entity – or at least to the compelling degree suggested by their return single, ‘Continental Shelf’. 

Between confident allusions to The Jesus and Mary Chain ambience, and embellishment by echoed guitar interplay that hints at an appreciation for the dreamy melodic sensibilities of Cocteau Twins à la Heaven or Las Vegas, suffice it to say that there’s a lot going on in this track. And that’s without mentioning the Iceage-esque, crushing soundwaves that dice the vocalist’s sometimes-slacker, sometimes-invested delivery, or the considered, simplistic drum-beat that propels the track steadily onward instead of confining its revelry to an immobile, shoegaze-y delirium.

The track’s vagaries aren’t its selling point; rather, it’s the idiosyncratic wrapping, and the prospect of a full-length debut of songs like this that make this outfit one to keep your eyes on.

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