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Track of the Day: Voices of Black – Imaginary One Time Love

Electronic music over the last few years has made a decided turn towards layered and varied maximalist production. What makes Voices of Black interesting is how out-of-step they seem. The group is made up of the 23-year old producers Julian Randolph and Baba Doherty seemingly from New Jersey.  Their barely-there Internet presence fits in with their underexposed aesthetic.

Instead of the kaleidoscope templates that seem so in vogue right now, they favour a searing, brooding minimalism. On the track ‘Imaginary One Time Love’ off of their new EP Get Enough, which comes out on Gold Panda’s label Notown, the group create a spaced-out and jarring electronic song with nods to urban and R&B music.

The song is made up of skeletal elements: a throbbing bass, sparse synth stabs and echoing 808s. What the bare production does do is give it a chilling and futuristic effect as the band sings, “Now you can know my love”. The lyric, which is half sung and half spoken, could, within the context of the track, be an admission or a admonition or a veiled theat. It is this ambiguity and otherness that makes their music enjoyable and the group a name to watch out for.

Check out the video:

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