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Track of the Day: Warpaint – Love is to Die

Back in April, Warpaint posted a photo of them back in studio and yesterday saw the first glimpse of the product of those sessions. ‘Love is to Die’ sees the ladies announce their eponymous second album, which kind of feels like their third: Exquisite Corpse, although an EP, saw them thrust into the spot light in 2008/2009 with singles like Elephants and the initial iteration of Billie Holiday.

The new single is not vastly different from what you’d expect from Warpaint. Emily Kokal’s voice is the centrepiece, beautifully accented by harmonies from the rest of the band and adorned by shoegazey guitar swirls. Her vocals retain a gothic tinge while, as was the case on The Fool, sounding as if her voice is coming from beneath a body of water.

The new album is due for release January next year via Rough Trade. Produced mostly by post-punk producer/legend Flood, as well as boasting a two-track production cameo from Nigel Godrich, the album is set for January. If this single is anything to go by, it’s going to be a great month.

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