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Track of the Day: Wildebeats – Show en Tell

In his recent interview with Platform, Mohato Lekena, who records under the moniker WIldebeats, spoke of the intersection between his music and his studies as a computer science Masters student. Being able to construct music and the tools to make that music puts him in a fascinating position in the saturated Cape Town DJ scene. 

His work nods to hip-hop and also uses a clever template of samples. It is akin, in some respects, to the new hip-hop electronica of a Ryan Hemsworth and also the rattling drum palette of TNGHT.

On ‘Show en Tell’ the opening track off his new EP, Lynx Vapours, Wildebeats is in a brooding and slightly nostalgic mood. The spinning synths create a static haze over the track and the intricate drum-beat positions it as a song to provide a burst of energy on a night out that has laboured into the early morning. After the shuffling first half of the track ends, he throws in a glorious throwback in the form of a pitch-shifted sample of Missy Elliot’s ‘Work It’ that, warped of its context, fits well into his distinctly down-tempo style of dance music.

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