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Track of the Day: Wildernessking – The Devil Within

Cape Town-based black metal outfit, Wildernessking, recently released their…

Cape Town-based black metal outfit, Wildernessking, recently released their The Devil Within EP and are set to drop their second full-length midway through this year. The namesake track off the latest extended play is a scintillatingly dark voyage. It conjures images of scorched earth and vast ruin that are rendered more haunting when a glance at the title reminds the listener that this image suggestively comes from within. The two segments of relentless intensity are preceded by patient construction – more so with the first build-up than the second, as the quartet themselves appear eager to bring the introspection to an end. 

The sonic narrative unravels in a coherently linear fashion before the band permits the listener to catch their breath shortly after the six minute mark. Thereafter, the conjectured internal malaise purposefully rises out of the ashes as the troupe re-add layer by layer which pre-empts the arrival of something even grander than that which has already been shown. Admirably, Wildernessking steer clear of the anti-climax with a devastating ninety second close. 


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