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Track of the Day: Yuck – Age of Consent (New Order cover)

What with several bands releasing dancier singles of late, UK garagerock/lofi outfit Yuck offer a response: a sublime ode to early stalwarts of the Manchester alternative dance scene and one of their greatest cuts.

Performed and recorded live at RAK studios in London, the synthesisers and (human) drum-machine of the original have been substituted with trademark fuzz and grittier percussion. Nevertheless, the song’s appeal translates instantly and loses none of its charm.

Guitarist Max Bloom has assumed vocal duties since initial creative spark (and former comember of Cajun Dance Party) Daniel Blumberg opted to go fullfrontman and focus on his solo stuff. And frankly, on this recording, the foursome is better for it.

Despite concerns over Blumberg’s leaving, the band seems to have lost none of their identity or inspiration. With both new singles ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Middle’ the newlook quartet appeared confident and this cover shows why: they sound more Yuck than they ever have.

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