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Track of the Day: Yumi Zouma – Alena

Yumi Zouma’s latest single, ‘Alena’ may be the strongest argument for poptimism made in 2014. Despite being spread across Christchurch, New York and Paris, the three New Zealanders have managed to to craft a glistening, soft-disco reverie that feels like home. 

While the first single off their EP, released back in February, was marked by a more TOPS-esque, indie rock sensibility, ‘Alena’ is decidedly more danceable. With its synthesised bounce and Kim Pflaum echoing, “Come over here and dance with me / it’s true that you will never see me feel better”, it throws neon lights onto Yumi Zouma’s already-smokey aesthetic. 

Its obviously all paying off, because the trio are set to tour New Zealand with the island’s biggest export, Lorde.

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