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Watch: Okmalumkoolkat at French Fest ‘Trans Musicales’ with Cid Rim and The Clonious

Yesterday saw a video posted of one of Okmalumkoolkat’s most recent performances on his European tour. It took place on Sunday in France at a festival called Trans Musicales; where fellow South African band, The Brother Moves On, also performed.

The performance sees Holy Oxygen I producers and Affine Records label mates, Cid Rim and The Clonious, join the Futuremfana on stage – providing some of the live elements of the production with infectious energy and precision. Cid Rim’s contributions on his drum machine as well as his live snare and hi-hat are particularly great. The two producers are clearly exhilarated to be sharing the stage with the MC who, despite being a bit short-of-breath at times, also seems to revel in the environment which is significantly more clinical than most of his performances back home.

The shots of the crowd, who were treated to a set which included a few new tracks off the upcoming Holy Oxygen II, reveal a mostly spellbound audience. This is to be expected as French crowds are notorious for enjoying music of South African origin. Although, this has tended to take the form of a more Western dictation of what South African music should sound like (à la Freshlyground). It is unlikely that new age kwaito has quite fit that description yet; making Okmalumkoolkat’s burgeoning success in Europe all the more real and celebratory.

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