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Watch: Strength in Numbers – A Documentary about LA’s Team Supreme

Team Supreme have become an absolute phenomenon both within the world of Electronic and Bass and beyond. The ever expanding crew of producers has helped launched the careers of many now globally famous producers with far reaching influence: Team Supreme affiliate Mr Carmack performed in Cape Town last year, Djemba Djemba is apparently collaborating with Madonna on new music and a number of the original team are becoming regulars on the US festival circuit. Now, fittingly, production software house Ableton have released a short documentary on them which chronicles the Team’s rise from obscurity to acclaim.

The 13 min doccie gives rare detail into how the team began as a school project that the early Team members used shared new music they had produced. Craving a similar collaborative yet competitive environment outside of the classroom they began the now famous weekly beat cypher in which all participating producers are given a sample to flip and a deadline to submit a beat by. The roster of TS affiliated artists has since swelled to beyond Wu-Tang levels, and the cypher has been opened up to the public for weekly submissions. A list of core producers who have been involved in TS (as well as being featured in the short film) are Djemba Djemba, Mr Carmack, Daedelus, Great Dane, DOT, Lion Kngs, Nalepa and more.

Possibly the best thing about the documentary is the way it captures the organic nature with which the Team Supreme movement grows. In the words of Djemba Djemba, “just forming a community where people share their work allows for such creative growth and expression that I don’t know why more people don’t do it.”

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