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Who to Look Out For at CTEMF 2014: Friday

CTEMF, now in its third year and firmly placed as the country’s leading electronic music festival, kicks off this Friday at the Grand Parade. Its lack of multiples stages means that, unlike most multi-day festivals, the experience won’t be full of frantic scrambling to try and fit in all the acts you might want to see. However, excited as we are about the whole event, we thought we would pick out a few of the acts that we are most looking forward to.

Stone-Age Citizens

Despite the possible over-saturation that their residency at The Assembly’s weekly See You Next Wednesday might have had, Stone-Age Citizens have retained their big-name feel. This might be due to their tendency to deliver on the big stage, as they’ve done time and again. They’re playing one of the first slots on Friday afternoon; by now they’re fairly seasoned experts at getting parties going, so they should have no trouble setting the mood. They are playing at 16:30.

Crazy White Boy

Now almost four years on from their break-out single ‘Love You Better’, Crazy White Boy have spent long hours plugging away and ensuring the success they achieved from that song lent itself to a long-lasting and successful career. Their sound is subtly pioneering, twinning the elements of African kwaito with their keen ear for European techno sounds. Their second album, Ghetto Tech, is coming out later this year, and music from that is set to feature prominently in their act. Crazy White Boy are playing at 19:30.

Justin Martin

The first foreign international on the line-up is Justin Martin of Dirtybird Records. He has had an illustrious career to date, having built his name and reputation in the San Francisco underground and really coming to international prominence around the time of the release of his first full-length album, Ghettos and Gardens. Like many of the acts on this line-up, this will be his first time playing in South Africa, which send the anticipation for his set sky-high. He’s playing at 20:30; don’t miss it.


Friday night’s headliner, Hobo, is one of the most versatile producers and DJs in the world today. At only twenty-four years old, he has already played all across the world, had his singles chart and continues to grow with every passing year. He has the honour of having one of his singles, ‘Symptom’, being called one of Martin Gore’s (Depeche Mode) favourite tracks. He is set to take CTEMF’s Friday night by storm. Hobo is playing at midnight.

Check back tomorrow and Friday to see our picks for the rest of the weekend!

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