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Who to Look Out For at CTEMF 2014: Saturday

CTEMF, now in its third year and firmly placed as the country’s leading…


CTEMF, now in its third year and firmly placed as the country’s leading electronic music festival, kicks off this Friday at the Grand Parade. Its lack of multiples stages means that, unlike most multi-day festivals, the experience won’t be full of frantic scrambling to try and fit in all the acts you might want to see. However, excited as we are about the whole event, we thought we would pick out a few of the acts that we are most looking forward to.


Fever Trails

Having only been in action for about a year now, the sometimes-solo-most-times-four-piece live/electronic brainchild of Nicolaas Van Reenen has taken the scene by a sonically swelling and moody storm. With time signatures that keep you counting and also tend to make you lose count, Fever Trails might not have you dancing yourself silly and getting warmed up for the evening, but they are most definitely a truly progressive experience of well-crafted (and young) musicianship that deserves to be celebrated. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting and left-field acts on the line-up. Catch them at 17:45.


Cid Rim

Cid Rim is a 28-year-old Viennese producer and drummer for nu-funk outfit JSBL, who joins CTEMF with his new-age funk-beat driven sound. Both his EPs, Full Nelson and Cid Rim have been critically acclaimed and were released through Affine Records and Lucky Me, respectively. In the last 12 months he has produced for Theophilus London and Spoek Mathambo, which is testament to his taste and the kind of performance you can expect from him. He’s on at 18:30.


Sedge Warbler

“As the old universe implodes, from its ashes rises the sedge warbler, a wondrous lizard with wings, made up of the frantic remains of science, mythology and pop culture that used to rule the land, from these fragments the universe re-animates in one final attempt to name the world. Sympathy, love and false consciousness have been lost to the fall, while all that remains is nature and the memories of man.” – Sedge Warbler.

Is there anything left to say about the ever surprising and entertaining glitch-boom-rap duo that is Ross Finck (Dank (DJ Caviar)) and Marc Potgieter (Disco Izrael (Oh! Dark Arrow (Expensive Drinks)))? There is always more to say, but you can catch them at 19:15 to see for yourself.


Dirty Paraffin

Okamlumkoolkat (Smiso Zwane) and Dokta DJ Spizee team up for their ‘Primus Stove, pure juice zifozonke (best for all purpose)’ brand of International Pantsula and new-age kwaito. Representing eGoli, the capital city of Afrika, they provide a truly authentic insight into South African, but particularly Joburg youth culture. Dokta DJ Spizee brings some intriguingly paradoxical retro-future synth sounds and progressive kwaito beats and Okmalumkoolkat brings his infectious flow of multilingual lyrics and young-smart-mampara, zulu-kompura charisma. They’re on at 20:00.


Many people would be inclined to say that someone like Skrillex is the godfather of Dubstep. No, no, no. That would be Caspa. And this is not referring to the mechanical robot-vomit ‘brostep’ that people have come to know, but rather the organic low frequency bass and groove-inducing sub concoction formerly known as Dubstep. Pop culture has made it difficult to mention the genre without it being dismissed immediately, but Caspa’s performance ought to be a reminder of why it gained the popularity which eventually led to its ‘demise’. If not, it will be satisfyingly nostalgic at the very least. He’s on at 22:30.



Ebenhaezer Smal (Haezer) is, without a doubt, one of South Africa’s hardest working musicians and has cemented himself as the country’s greatest electronic music export and the international poster boy for punk electro. With the level of production quality at which he operates and his attention to detail, this is easy to understand and in the same regard, difficult to dispute. Of late, punk electro has found itself being shunted to the early morning graveyard sets at most festivals and clubs around the country, but Haezer’s sound holds integrity through its production value that cannot be ignored. His live show is a whirlwind of adrenalin-induced high energy, no-holding-back-on-the-dancefloor, lose-your-shit goodness. He’s on at midnight.


Check back here tomorrow to see our picks for Sunday.

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