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Who to Look Out For at CTEMF 2014: Sunday

CTEMF, now in its third year and firmly placed as the country’s leading electronic music festival, kicks…


CTEMF, now in its third year and firmly placed as the country’s leading electronic music festival, kicks off this Friday at the Grand Parade. Its lack of multiples stages means that, unlike most multi-day festivals, the experience won’t be full of frantic scrambling to try and fit in all the acts you might want to see. However, excited as we are about the whole event, we thought we would pick out a few of the acts that we are most looking forward to.

Sir Vincent

Aside from his music, Vincent Manzini is one of South Africa’s most exciting entrepreneurs. Born and bred in Khayelitsha, his passion for the South African music and entertainment industries stems from a strong sense of wanting to improve his surroundings and the surroundings of his community. His set will be a celebration of all things House, ranging from deep house to more funk-house beats. We’ll be following Sir Vincent closely to watch his music progress, but more importantly his progress as an entrepreneur in the South African music and entertainment industry which is most definitely in need of creativity and innovation. He’s on at 13:30.



Another fine music export from Vienna, HVOB is a duo comprising of Anna Muller and Paul Wallner. Standing for “Her Voice Over Boys”, their music is well defined in their name as Muller’s vocals float delicately above their sophisticated, melodic and meditative productions. Their live performance includes a drummer, supplying emphasis to the subtly hypnotic groove of their dreamy aesthetic. Catch them at 16.30 for a relaxing nudge into Sunday evening.


Black Coffee

Nathi Maphumulo is undoubtedly the Godfather of South African house and by extension, due to the high regard in which it is held globally, house worldwide. He is arguably responsible for the pre-eminence of vocal house music and for a business structure approach to capitalise on the abundance of opportunities offered by a converged digital realm driven by the songs and their performance. Maphumulo’s work and attitude towards music, and particularly the business of music, is extremely valuable to the South African music scene. Do not miss him in action at 20:30.



The German DJ started out in the highly competitive Berlin resident DJ scene in the early 90’s. It’s there where he crafted his impeccable style of mixing and found popularity amongst committed club goers who would attend a club purely based on the reputation of its resident DJ, which in most cases was Dixon. He’s playing the closing set of the festival at 22:00 which, as a world class DJ who has been committed to the art of DJing for over 2 decades, only seems fitting for what ought to be a successful CTEMF.

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