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Wildernessking Shares Two-Track Atmospheric Black Metal EP

The #blackmetal label you’ll find on the Soundcloud page when streaming Wildernessking’s latest EP, Levitate, remains dubious against their nuanced body of work. The two-track offering presents an atmospheric instrumental, replete with rung-out guitars and pretty piano underlays, followed by a theatrically crushing number with a deliciously melodic unravelling that better connotes the abovementioned hashtag and then some. It’s the kind of track that’ll remind listeners why this band deserves your attention.

Sadly, it’s all over pretty quickly with a running time under ten minutes, making for a zesty output with two medium-length songs that counteract each other well, but a demise that provides no real sense of closure to smooth out the release and render it feeling complete. Chelsea Wolfe’s ‘Carrion Flowers’ popped up next in my headphones, and the unencumbered transition speaks exactly to the point I made above: check out this EP not as a metal fan, but as one of dark, atmospheric music as a whole.

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