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‘Wired For Sound’ Flaunts the Diverse Sounds and Talents of Mozambican Musicians

Wired For Sound is a project originally aimed to provide Mozambican musicians an opportunity to record their…

Wired For Sound is a project originally aimed to provide Mozambican musicians an opportunity to record their music and promote it in partnership with community radio stations. Based strongly on the concept of a mobile recording studio and its benefits, the project is funded by OSISA and was created by and is run by Freshlyground founding member Simon Attwell, SAFM producer Kim Winter and Freshlyground guitarist Julio Sigauque who was born in Maputo. They have produced an album of 17 tracks from musicians from the central province of Tete to the northern province of Ibo off the coast of Cabo Delgado province.

The album explores a plethora of genres from hip hop to African style zouk, Mozambican Marrabenta and Chimurenga rhythms. It features artists by the names of Marcelino Banda Mpombeza, Academico & Pimento and Harry Potter (aka Genitomolava Molava). The variation of artists provides a wide range of themes from youthful romance, family relationships and respecting one’s elders.

While having a mainly musical focus, the project also records and supports local debate around youth concerns and issues in collaboration with local community radio stations and social media. All the profits will be funnelled back to the community stations in Mozambique to support their growth and the development of local musical talent. Simon Attwell has had this to say about the project, “Our mobile studio will allow us to record and then broadcast the thoughts of young Mozambicans who never have the chance to publicly air their views on their most pressing concerns. We will also be able to tap some of the hidden musical talent in northern Mozambique, working with local artists to produce professionally-recorded material that can be aired on community stations – and hopefully internationally in future.”

They will be moving to Malawi to repeat the process and further the project there in the near future. Watch the documentary of ‘Wired For Sound – Mozambique’ here:


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