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YoungstaCPT Tells His Life-Story Through Sneakers On ‘Takkies’

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YoungstaCPT prides himself on representing Cape Town to the fullest, often doing this by telling original stories of what he sees around him authentically.

His latest video single ‘Takkies’ is the perfect example of this. On the song, YoungstaCPT raps about his love for sneakers, and zooms out to what sneakers and fashion mean for his community (“Live in the hood with low finances/ All that matters is the clothing matches”), to how a fresh pair can put your life at risk (“Sometimes that fly shit will get you in trouble/ Be careful ‘cause gangsters will take your shit from you”).

He even lets us know that his mother is also a sneakerhead of some sort, and that being stylish runs in the family.  

The video was shot in Wynberg, his own ‘hood, and depicts the narrative surrounding the song with scenes at Jack Lemkus sneaker shop. In the video, we see a young man (presumably a young YoungstaCPT) walking around with a fresh pair of kicks, which leads to him getting robbed.

“Takkies” is about more than sneakers. It’s a story of growing up in the hood, which is unique to Youngsta CPT’s side of Cape Town, yet is relatable to many people of colour who grew up in marginalised, under-resourced and underdeveloped spaces, where fashion is a means of escape when everything fails. He touches on poverty, police negligence, gangsterism, and the triumph of growing up in the ‘hood as a person of colour.

Watch the powerful video for ‘Takkies’ below:

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