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yoyo Announces 12-Track Beattape ‘Juice’ with Abstract Video Preview

yoyo Juice Rebecca Freemantle
photograph by Rebecca Freemantle / courtesy of the artist

South Africa is admittedly a nation in love with electronic music. House rules supreme across it’s cities dance floors and radio stations, while the influence – albeit declining – of EDM has (of course) grown at a similar rate to the rest of the world. Standing opposed to this, though – more as the antithesis than the antagonist – is the beat scene which has taken root in Cape Town. Producers like Damascvs, Beat Sampras and now yoyo, deal almost exclusively with the type of home baked authenticity that eschews current electronica trends.

yoyo, a relatively new, yet prolific Cape-based producer who’s taken the route of separating himself as a personality from his presence online as a musician, has been quietly churning out warm, 90s-indebted hip hop instrumentals for the better part of a year now. While this has lead to an organic, if gradual, rise as an artist to watch, he’s now attempting to solidify this early promise with a single unified body of work (or, you know, a beat tape). He endeavours to incorporate strong elements of “soul, funk and jazz into a concentrated beattape, and draws from energy comparable to Madlib, J Dilla and Knxwledge,” and has explained that the tape is a further exploration of the material he has already put out thus far.

In advance of the tape, due out next week, Yoyo has dropped a snippet video, featuring music production from him and visuals from the artist morgansmomm. The music wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve with more than just a nod to golden era hip-hop – the visuals following suite with a more literal interpretation of the feeling. There will be no singles or full track previews, as yoyo believes the beattape should be experienced as a whole before picking out individual tracks. We expect a considered journey of a listening experience.

Watch the snippet below, and look out for Yoyo’s beat tape, Juice, out next week.

Also, check out yoyo’s track with Dada Shiva, released just a month ago:

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