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Zoë Modiga Releases Her Debut Must-Listen Album, ‘Yellow the Novel’

Zoe Modiga Yellow The Novel
Image courtesy of the artist / by Aart Verrips

Cape Town-based jazz musician Zoë Modiga has just released her debut album Yellow the Novel. Modiga has certainly made a name for herself in the South African jazz circuit, having performed at Joburg’s The Orbit, at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Artscape Youth Jazz Festival, Joy of Jazz amongst many others. One thing that is sure about seeing her perform once, is that you’ll want to see her again and again.

Having arrived in people’s hearts through her life-giving performances, this rich meandering full album was all that was needed to officially announce her independent presence and tell her story in full, as well as formally dismiss the curse of finishing high in a televised ZA talent show.  

Yellow the Novel was made two years ago, and the time spent on polishing since then is evident in the quality of the final product. The album features some of the songs Zoe has been performing such as ‘Nantsi Ntswepe’ and her version of the Winston Mankunku song, ‘Yakhalinkomo’.

Yellow the Novel is a whopping 23 tracks, and all of them are worth your while. After all, it is a novel, as Modiga explains to Danni Bowler in her feature on M&G, “I think the project is like a book — you have to sit down and read it. You don’t read a book in traffic, unless you have got major skills. Not that you can’t listen to it in traffic, but it’s like that introverted moment with yourself. The whole thing is centred around self-realisation…”

Yellow the Novel is available on iTunes, and the single ‘Love (Yahweh)’ streams below:

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